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Loving Onyx
Jun 19, 2017
Ok, I used to post under slamminsam6969 a few years ago but I haven't been on in so long it looks like my membership isn't valid anymore. I wanted to post my review on Onyx who is based in the Dufferin & Eglinton area, private studio, well equipped, clean and very accessible. The parking on the side roads is easy and access is simple. When I arrive she takes my breath away, she is gorgeous from head to tattooed toes. Wearing a dress that shows all the right things and I can't wait to see her out of. She offers me a towel and asks if I want to take a shower which I do to freshen up. I'm here for a sub experience and Onyx delivers in spades. She is a creative master and comes up with new ways of instilling torture and just the right amount of fear to make this the experience I need to get my dom fix. She uses ropes, clamps, masks, toys, paddles and when I beg her to mark me up, she obliges. The best part about Onyx is the communication. I can tell her what I'm looking for before a session begins and she accommodates as many requests as she can fit in within an hour while keeping the flow going. I haven't found anything that Onyx would likely say no to but if you are looking for FS then I don't think this is the dom for you, that is strictly off limits. I would say playing sub with Onyx is like practicing hockey with Gretzky, sure she can run circles around me, but she does it with a smile that leaves me wanting more from learning more every time.
Onyx Ronin - Fetish Session (Ass worship + Pegging)
May 31, 2017
Onyx already has a few reviews about her massage service while she worked at Muse. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that she was now working as an Indy and offered "Fetish" sessions in addition to her regular FBSM service. I always liked her edgy looks and sent her an appointment request for introducing me to pegging and ass worship (on her). Onyx has a gorgeous face and a very sexy and super fit body; She shows her face pics on the twitter so you can check her out there. She greeted me dressed in a sexy black outfit that showed more of her booty than most dresses. We started with a massage to get re-acquainted and discuss what I wanted to try out and my experience or rather the lack-of with pegging. After that, she led me to her dungeon room (which wasn't as scary as I imagined dungeons to be) where the real action started. In the following hour I truly indulged in my ass worship fetish. I buried by face between her soft yet firm ass checks, sniffing, nosing, kissing, licking, teasing and fingering her. When I mixed it up with some DATY and realized how wet she was; My face was covered with her juices. I was in bliss. We then changed over so that I was on my back and Onyx first started to use her fingers to give me a PM and relax me and get me ready for a bigger toy. I've been a fan of greek service I always wondered what it felt like to be on the receiving end, so this was my "lucky" day. Onyx wore a strap-on and gently pegged me in missionary with sensual eye contact and a lot of spit play. I was completely turned on by the sight of this sexy woman's body thrusting in me while she gave me a hand job to match her strokes. We finished our session with a warm shower where we washed each other up and chatted a bit more. I usually go for GFE session but it feels nice to try something different once in a while. I have a few more kinks that I need ironed out and Onyx is the perfect, non-judgemental, companion to help out with that. I will be seeing her again for sure.
Onyx @ Muse Review
Jun 27, 2016
"Went to Muse a couple weeks ago and decided to see Onyx. She looked super fit and is one of those tattooed girls that make it look so natural. She has beautiful tattoos all over her body, usually not into that look but it really works with her. Was hoping to just have a nice relaxing standard session and Onyx delivered. Actual great massage that had me so relaxed I almost fell asleep lol Some nice teasing along with the body slide and fun was had by both of us. I only wish I had stayed longer than 30 min. Also don't let the tattoos and potential hard edge look fool you, Onyx is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. Super down to earth and easy to talk to. I look forward to seeing her again but will probably stay for a longer 1 hour session."
Onyx @ Muse
Mar 26, 2016
"Most people know by now that I have an attraction to women cover of tattoos and that generally have an alternative look to them...especially people that follow me on twitter A while ago I've notice Onyx on website muse, but never took the plunge on my own, because despite seeing some Indy MA, the idea of walking into a spa scare the crap out of me. One of my lovely regulars,(Lets call him MrX, bless his heart!, ask me a while ago if I would like to join him for a "couple" massage with him one day... A few weeks later, after align both our schedules, and Onyx, I made a call (super friendly receptionist btw) to Muse and schedule the appointment for two days later. Shit. Now we gotta wait about 48 hours. Mr X pick me up at my incall location and we made the slow and agonizing way to the boonies (aka Finch street) on a Friday evening during rush hour. We arrived and got greeted by Emily (the owner I believe?) and show a room and instructed to shower and get ourselves comfortable and Onyx would be joining us shortly. After a few awkward minutes of the both of us wondering are we suppose to remove the towel, get naked or something, the lvoely Onyx walked in. And damn. What a beauty Standing roughly 5ft8 without heels and an incredible body to die for. Rock hard, but yet extremely slim. Her pictures are extremely accurate for the tats and body, but she has now shorter/half shave head. Beautiful angular face and haunting eyes. Really friendly personality and quite easy to talk to. Mr X was the first one to received his part of the massage...I'll leave this part if he wants to chim in My turn to jump on the table! By this time Onyx was already fully naked and obviously I didn't complain. She started by my shoulder, while the massage was quite good, I would have prefer deeper tissues, but oh well. I was distracted by her amazing natural breasts on my back and her whispering things in my ears. Mr X was doing a soso job on my legs :P They switched places and she started to do body slide...oh my. What's what people always rave about. It felt amazing. She tend made me flip over...some teasing for a while. I was first for the happy ending! Her fingering skills was quite amazing , let's put it that way. It was one of the strongest orgasm I had in a while. After a short recovery time for me,Mr Xr went for his turn...dunno how it was, but by the sound he made I would say it wasn't so bad More chatting, a threeway shower for the three of us. Long talk about Onyx and I tattoos and common artists and was already time to part way. Recommend? Yes! Absolutely Repeat? Yes. But I would go solo, cause I am greedy and like to receive attention on my own Rates was as stated on their website for "couple"
Review-Onyx at MUSE...
Dec 11, 2015
This "match-up" has been a long time coming. Onyx vs. Chaos, Chaos vs. Onyx Rousey vs. Georges St. Peirre in the MUSEtagon as I tweeted in some state of blind delusional madness as seems to be the state I'm in when I tweet. lol. We both like the ring and train in such (her far more than I), both the MPAtagon and the "octagon" (aka fight training & MMA/UFC fan) hence the analogy. I was challenged here: Onyx ‏@OnyxYourSin Nov 7 @1Chaos_Theory @Musefan_TT @LeeRichards2012 @MUSEMassageSpa let's spar!! Before the inception of twitter in this industry, I have noticed Onyx on the MUSE site and was very intrigued by her image and of course sensational body. Some people shy away from those with tattoos and piercings, not matter how beautiful they are (or given personal superficial this damn superficial industry). I do not discriminate. These are just superficial markings, elements which creates a stigma in some individuals not unlike how skin colour or superficial scars, lesions, genetic or accidental "abnormalities" and dispositions effect a persons perception/attitude whereby they marginalize, antagonize and/or discriminate those expressing that trait. In all cases the person remains the same. The mind, the body and soul are what matters most, all those elements create beauty and these "markings" are made irrelevant and inconsequential. Tattoos and piercings also seem generate a stigma suggesting they are bad-ass' ...I disagree from my experiences, they are great, and ..err..have great ass'. Hollier than Tho Rant over It seemed pictorially that Onyx had a beautiful body. By testimony it was confirmed. As a MPA she has had positive testimonies and fans who speak of her highly. Ive also heard,read, she is a kinkster and loves, loves women! I tried too book her however her and my limited schedule made that difficult. On to twitter, the new media taking this industry by storm, through which I was able to ascertain a taste of her personality, disposition, physical attributes and interests. I like what I saw. At every MUSE meet, and every time I went to MUSE I never was able to see her. That all changed when I went to see Meghan Leopard. A woman I had not encounter was holding down reception at the time, as receptionists tend to cycle. Internally I was like who is this hot woman at reception, she looked beautiful both facially, physically and had a cool personality (She also was taken by Meghan as well )? I asked her was Onyx. I was taken a back. I must try harder to see her. I tried a few more times. Finally I had my day. This is how it went..... Booking & Communication I am not sure who I spoke to on the phone but she was nice, professional, clear and accommodating. I had to book somewhat in advance know I will be in the area that day. I had to confirm my appointment which is just as no shows are just bad for everyone. Location Muse Massage Spa - You know it. My room has a ceiling mirror, but it was above the S-chair. Large mirrors adorned 3 of the four walls. All amenities provided and more so. Clean, sleek room as always. Onyx Accuracy of stats Accurate, except slight hair colour change as depicted on twitter. Accuracy of pics: Accurate - Her pics on Muse look great. Even though the pics must have mild photo processing the pics are accurate as see looks like she has been photo processed in real life! She has shorter hair as displayed in that first pic also found on twitter. Her twitter pics are candids. She actually looks better than those pics. Its uncanny how some women's candids are inaccurate. She has piercings and tattoos as displayed. Face: Cute GND to beautiful GND - Those eyes. Big gorgeous Blue-green eyes, the first thing I noticed about her. She has a beautiful face, with soothing and sharp features which reflect elegance and maturity. She wasn't wearing as much makeup as when I saw her at reception I think and still looked beautiful showcasing her natural beauty. Her face is very sexy and powerful, with a great smile. I felt comforted and at the same time aroused by her look. Body: Natural, tattoos and piercings. She has one of the best,hottest&sexiest natural bodies I have seen on a woman. She is fit, toned, well proportioned, extremely sexy with great skin. Her tattoos did not distract me and enhanced her beauty. The are well done.She felt amazing and I was at awe of her body both by looking at it directly and indirectly via the mirrors. She has not bad angles at all. She is well-kept, with a great scent and takes care herself. Personality Onyx as a vibrant, fun and mature personality. She is a great person to talk to let alone hang out with. She is a very sweet and considerate person who as this inspiring yest and zeal for life and all it offers. She is very driven and a perfectionist. She does not shy away from having fun and taking steps for self betterment. She is very intelligent, well-spoken and inspiring in her accomplishments and accolades. She has a passionate personality. In the context of this industry she is erotic, passionate, insatiable, very experienced with a diverse palate of interests and methods to enjoy her time and others. The Onyx Experience From the moment she opened the door until the very end I was in awe of her. The more I talked to her, the more I saw of her and the more I experienced of her the more and more I wanted of her. She looked absolutely incredible in her tight white dress and even better without it. She is a great conversationalist and put me at ease. She asked me if I was nervous...I probably appeared that way..after such a long time in this industry I can never get used to being with a beautiful woman. They keep me interested mentally and physiologically stimulated. She surprised me not only in her mind, and body but also her skills. She perhaps gave me the best true massage I have experienced, great hands, touch and pressure in the beginning. She also provided a most memorable and super passionate experience. She was fully engaged, appeared to enjoy herself and wanted me to feel the utmost pleasure and satisfaction. It was and extremely hot and passionate session. I wish I had more time. We connected, I felt, in many ways. She made the effort to connect and make sure I was having a great time. She is highly skilled and diverse. I still have those images of her in the mirror within me. She left me completely satisfied,fully charged and not wanting to leave...but I had too Overall/Summary Communication & Booking - smooth, no problems Location - clean, amenities very diverse, comfortable. Muse sleekness Onyx is a cute GND to Beautiful GND who looks better than any pic I have seen of her. She must turn heads wherever she goes. She is a very well skilled MPA with a skill-set, diversity & ability I feel haven't even scratched the surface of. I know she is very popular in duos and perhaps caters to a several kinks. The power of her mind, intelligence, and potential of an extreme erotic session, even more so than I experienced, was palpable. Previous Reviews I am very surprise not to see more reviews of her. Either she is being kept a secret or very under-rated. Honorarium: All inclusive pricing (includes door fees and all others) Affiliation: MUSE Massage & Spa Onyx's Link: Onyx's Twitter: She also has great posts on MUSEs blog, answering our questions: The Onyx Files Desire to Repeat: High Recommendation: High Onyx was a very pleasant and pleasurable surprise in so many ways. She is a multifaceted beauty who I am am so grateful to have met and spent time with. We spared in the Musetagon I lost...or won, depends on the perspective I want to "spar" again. Best spar partner ever.
Onyx @ Muse A tattooed Gem
Aug 21, 2013
"I had an expected night free in Toronto, and an itch. For all the bashing of tattooed ladies, I love them. Love the look, love the attitude that often comes along, the kinky nature etc. I had never been to Muse and noticed on the schedule that Onyx was working Wednesday night. Wow. Right up my alley. Almost zero info on her online however. Truly a chance to TOFTT. I booked the session and made my way to the studio. Nice neighbourhood. I was in a rental, good thing I didn't give a shit. A guy was jay walking Finch with a stroller, I crossed to let him go, he flipped me off. Classy. Got inside and it got better right away, they did the renos in there nicely. I was a few minutes early, got my shower going and waited for her arrival. When she came in, holy crap. Very hot, total tattooed goth/Bettie Page thing going on. Piercings too. So, if you don't like that, move on and save your snarky comments, she isn't for you. The session was very enjoyable. We discovered a ton of mutual kinks and interests and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I got my full 60 and left very happy. She was actually the best MPA I have ever encountered in Toronto. Pricing for sixty minutes all inclusive as per the Muse website, $240. I felt horrible it was all I had on me, I would have tipped more, she was that good. Would repeat immediately but she's not on the schedule again until after I head home to the west coast."